The 4 S’s that Underpin ITAD Strategy

The 4 S’s that Underpin ITAD Strategy

One area of business that is often overlooked when managing data security risk is IT Asset Disposition (ITAD). Poor management of retired hardware can expose sensitive corporate data, and lead to government levied fines and penalties. Despite the demonstrated data security challenges associated with disposing of data-bearing hardware, a new survey from Foundry reveals that many companies are neglecting proper security precautions when dealing with end-of-life assets. Alarmingly, while the stakes are so high, still more than 40% of companies surveyed still do not yet have a formal ITAD strategy in place, the survey found.

It is time to envision ITAD differently. Organizations must start thinking of ITAD as a strategic practice to ensure data security, support sustainable best practices, enable scale, and provide cost savings. This report from Foundry will look at the four S’s of ITAD: Security, Sustainability, Scale, and Savings and explore how they present both challenges and opportunities for organizations based on the survey results.

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