Significant, Proven ROI and Security Efficiency

Significant, Proven ROI and Security Efficiency

Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™: VM-Series

Gain up to 115% ROI over three years with a 6-Month Payback Period

Securing digital transformation across environments takes VM-Series virtual firewall efficiency and cost-effectiveness. In-depth and extensive Forrester Consulting research commissioned by Palo Alto Networks has discovered an significant 115% ROI over three years with a six-month payback period for these virtualized NGFWs. 

Extensive surveying, in-depth interviews and deep financial analysis paint a picture of security that pays off. A composite organization obtains a net present value of $1.83 million – all while meeting network security requirements and expectations across public and private clouds, virtualized data centers and branch locations. 

The VM-Series. Faster deployment, fewer breaches and more flexibility add up to significant savings.


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