Secure ITAD – Achieving Business Value while Mitigating Risks

Secure ITAD – Achieving Business Value while Mitigating Risks

The risks of not having an IT asset disposition solution are substantial. Here's how organizations can dispose of old equipment successfully while achieving security, compliance, and environmental goals.

DATA BREACHES HAVE BECOME SO COMMON that the Identity Theft Resource Center has shifted to monthly incident reporting. So, it's no surprise that risk avoidance is a central theme for IT leaders today, especially in the disposal of retired or obsolete IT assets. Done improperly, this could result in data theft, damage to company reputation, or loss of intellectual property.

The right IT asset disposition (ITAD) program helps companies not only avoid these issues, but also provides significant business benefits, including:

  • Improved compliance efforts
  • Minimized impact on the environment
  • A lower total cost of ownership (TCO) by remarketing IT assets 


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