Output Solutions – Delivering a unified customer experience

Output Solutions – Delivering a unified customer experience

To remain relevant in a digital world, your organization must continuously modify your interactions with customers. More than ever, you need to focus on delivering a frictionless CX supported by relevant data. Today’s tech-savvy consumers are multi-channel, multi-device users and when they interact with their financial institutions, insurance carriers or utility providers, they expect brand consistency and uniform customer service at every touch point.

Customer communications management (CCM) platforms are quickly evolving to a centralized enterprise model. The move to centralization has been complex, cumbersome and costly, with solutions that include multiple software tools controlled by disconnected and siloed business units. Without enterprise-level visibility into customer communications, financial institutions have less control over the brand voice and personas they have worked hard to establish, and customers have inconsistent experiences.

Now, FIS Touch-CX™ makes it easier and more cost-effective for you to manage all communications with one centralized platform and without the need to invest in multiple disjointed systems and processes to satisfy the demands of your customers.


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