Multi-Cloud Ecosystem Flexibility with Cloud-Enabled Storage

Multi-Cloud Ecosystem Flexibility with Cloud-Enabled Storage

The value of multi-cloud. As data is growing exponentially and is more distributed than ever, applications (and infrastructure) are being deployed in more places than ever before – in multiple data centers (owned or in colo facilities), in more than one public cloud, and increasingly, at the edge. Customers want the agility of public cloud – quick provisioning, near [1] infinite scaling, access to developer services – and they want it in all these locations. This is what we see as multi-cloud – the cloud experience seamlessly delivered wherever organizations have applications and data and empowering customers to get the most out of them.

Multi-cloud is here to stay. And when it comes to cloud ecosystem flexibility, no one does it better than Dell Technologies. Use “any data in any cloud.” Intelligent storage on-premises, in public clouds, cloud adjacent, or in colocation centers.


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