Modernise your contact centre with Citrix and ChromeOS

Modernise your contact centre with Citrix and ChromeOS

Customers today expect brands to work harder in three ways to earn their trust and solve their problems. Customers want to interact using their preferred channel, such as chat or phone, and receive a resolution on first contact.

  • 60% of organisations have reported progress on driving omni-channel communication with customers.
  • Customers stay with brands that create a personal, human relationship.
  • Analysis of over 300,000 social media posts revealed person-to-person service interactions were most cited in posts about feeling valued by a brand, with 55% of customer emphasising timely issue resolution.
  • For complicated tasks, customers want the same level of service across channels and expect personalised interactions.
  • 52% of customers that trust a brand want the company to use their data to personalise interactions


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