Left and Right of Boom in Cybersecurity

Left and Right of Boom in Cybersecurity


While many Cybersecurity practices exist to respond quickly to intrusions, contain and eliminate threats, and keep businesses up and running, the increasingly hostile threat landscape begs for more preventative measures. That is, detecting and responding to a potential threat before a system can be compromised. 

Corinium and Elastic have partnered together with Cybersecurity executives in Australia and New Zealand from organizations including AMP, Tyro Payments, Origin Energy, ACT Government, and ARPANSA to understand their perspective on balancing preventative and responsive measures and the key events they are trying to defend against the most.

Join us to explore their key findings and to learn more about:

  • The types of Cybersecurity systems and practices that organizations currently have in place
  • Why investing in more preventative controls is a top priority for many leaders
  • The importance of having a security strategy with a genuine mix of prevention and incident detection and response controls


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