ix Industrial™: Next Generation Industrial IoT Connectivity

ix Industrial™: Next Generation Industrial IoT Connectivity

ix Industrial™ connectors enable IoT connectivity for Ethernet and other Industrial protocols through all levels of an operation from the Enterprise/Cloud to the sensors/actuators at the factory floor. These 10mm pitch connectors featuring 2-point metal latches are just 25% of the size of an RJ45 connector, and as such allow much greater port density and mating security. They are PoE capable, provide data performance to Cat6A level (10GBASE-T), and feature 360° shielding through the mated pair for superior EMI protection.

  • Increased port density compared to RJ45
  • High data rate performance for 10G Ethernet, with PoE capability
  • Excellent EMI protection for noisy environments
  • Robust 2 point metal latches for secure mating
  • Fully intermateable with ix Industrial™ products from other authorized vendors


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