Independent Tests of Anti-Virus Software

Independent Tests of Anti-Virus Software

This comparative test was commissioned by Palo Alto Networks to evaluate the security efficacy of leading secure access service edge (SASE) solutions designed to address the needs of today's hybrid workforces. Palo Alto Networks chose the products to test, the configuration to use in their product, and the test scenarios to be covered in this comparative test. For the two competitor products in the test, the respective vendors’ publicly recommended best practices were used to configure the products. Different settings could have led to different results in the test.

In today’s global economy, many companies have employees distributed across multiple locations, such as headquarters and branch offices. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, remote working from home has also increased greatly in recent times. Wherever they are, a company’s staff will need to access IT services, applications and data that are also spread out over a number of physical locations. These could be within the company LAN, in a datacentre (private cloud), or public cloud. Hence, the solutions need to allow users in multiple locations to securely access permitted content distributed over further physical locations, which provides a challenge for IT departments.


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