Improve Business Outcomes With SaaS-Managed Network Services

Improve Business Outcomes With SaaS-Managed Network Services

The demands on today’s networks are increasing dramatically. Business leaders, employees and customers alike are demanding faster and more reliable access to a growing number of resources, applications and services. Traditional networks and management models are falling short, and the need for operational improvement across these environments have become a top priority.

The shift to cloud applications and services is not only trending, but is dramatically improving business and employee productivity, and greatly enhancing overall customer experience. SaaS-managed network services consisting of domain name service (DNS), dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP), and IP address management (IPAM) collectively referred to as DDI are of particular importance as they are foundational to every cloud initiative.

Infoblox commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the need for SaaS-managed network services, and this study revealed that although firms are embracing the cloud for consistent visibility, administration and control, uncertainty and a range of challenges stand in their way. Let’s examine what this means for your network, and how you can successfully leverage these services to improve your business outcomes.

Attend this webinar to understand the importance of cloud-managed network services to successful business outcomes, and more importantly how to anticipate and address the uncertainty, and minimize potential deployment challenges.

Also hear from Infoblox how our BloxOne® DDI delivers a comprehensive, and cost-effective set of SaaS-managed network services to streamline operations while ensuring the availability, and performance of your expanding enterprise. Can this be your competitive advantage?


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