Identity Security: The Missing Piece in a Holistic XDR Strategy

Identity Security: The Missing Piece in a Holistic XDR Strategy

84% of organizations experienced an identity-related breach in the past year, and 78% cited direct business impact. Over 70% of recent ransomware attacks successfully leveraged vulnerabilities in an enterprise’s identity infrastructure. Today’s enterprise identity infrastructure is woefully vulnerable to attack, even with an effective IAM and PAM strategy.

Watch this SentinelOne and ESG webinar, “Identity Security: The Missing Link in a Holistic XDR Strategy,” to learn the importance of Identity Security in a modern cyber defense. Topics include:

  • Understanding your AD and Azure AD risk exposure and reducing your identity attack surface
  • Detecting in-progress identity attacks against domain controllers and endpoints and preventing privilege escalation
  • Misdirecting adversaries with high-interaction decoys and maximizing telemetry for further investigation & attacker intelligence

Learn how the SentinelOne XDR platform’s native Identity Security capabilities can improve identity-based attack prevention and visibility into identity vulnerabilities and exposures that modern attackers leverage.


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