Discover what’s possible with the right tools.

Discover what’s possible with the right tools.

No matter where you are, collaboration helps you achieve shared goals. Recently, IDC interviewed organizations who use Google Workspace as their primary collaboration platform to learn how it has impacted the way employees get work done.

They found that teams are able to collaborate and communicate better, share information more easily, and spend less time on tedious tasks and more time on innovative work.

See how Google Workspace can boost productivity, enhance communication, and streamline collaboration for your employees.

“One of our core business objectives was to have a stable and secure collaboration platform. Google Workspace has served as the foundation for this comprehensive digital transformation of our workplace.”

– Google Workspace Enterprise Customer

36% more time toward business-driven work On average, employees are able to spend 36% more time on creative work and 24% less time on administrative tasks.*

14% higher overall productivity Productivity was boosted by 35% for technology teams and by 28% for field teams.*


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