Cover Your SaaS Like Never Before

Cover Your SaaS Like Never Before

Prisma SASE with Next-Gen CASB: Never worry about the security of SaaS apps again

The SaaS explosion has brought with it many new vulnerabilities making it critical to protect SaaS as a part of your SASE infrastructure. With Next Generation CASB integrated as a critical part of the Palo Alto Networks SASE solution, you can ensure all your SaaS apps and sensitive data are secure and compliant With sensitive data being shared in real time, the risk of exposure to new and emerging threats is greater.

Introducing cutting-edge SaaS Security Posture Management in Next-Gen CASB. It enables you to identify and remediate misconfigurations in your SaaS applications, prevent data loss and reduce the risk of a security breach.

We invite you to learn more about the latest innovations by watching our webinar, Cover Your SaaS with the Next Evolution of CASB.


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