7 Critical Reasons for Kubernetes-Native Backup

7 Critical Reasons for Kubernetes-Native Backup

As cloud-native adoption and usage continues to explode, Kubernetes-native backup is one of the most critical, yet overlooked, challenges faced by Kubernetes operators today. Kubernetes is a fundamentally different compute platform. Apart from the traditional reasons for data loss in a cloud environment, Kubernetes increases the risk of accidental data loss due to higher complexity, relative unfamiliarity, and dispersed administrative responsibility.

Our customer research has identified seven critical reasons why a Kubernetes-native backup solution will be the best fit for your expanding Kubernetes environment:

  • Kubernetes Deployment Patterns
  • DevOps and "Shift Left"
  • Kubernetes Operator Challenges
  • Application Scale
  • Protection Gaps
  • Security
  • Ecosystem Integration

To accelerate your Kubernetes journey, this report explores these key considerations when evaluating a strategy to protect your business-critical data in a developer-focused platform. It covers the pitfalls of trying to retrofit legacy backup architectures into a cloud-native ecosystem and, more importantly, focuses on the benefits of deploying a truly cloud-native backup solution.


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