BUYER’S GUIDE: Making Your HR Software Implementation a Success

BUYER’S GUIDE: Making Your HR Software Implementation a Success


Implementing a new piece of software is by no means easy, particularly when transitioning from manual processes to a digital solution.

Leading a digital transformation across a business of any size takes preparation, planning and perseverance. But as you consider the different HR software vendors on the market, it’s also important to understand what goes into an implementation to ultimately make sure it’s a success.

In a report from McKinsey & Company, the definition of a successful digital transformation was one that “was very or completely successful at both improving performance and equipping the organisation to sustain improvements over time”. McKinsey’s research has consistently found that less than 30% of digital transformations succeed. That means 70% – the vast majority – of all transformations fail, making success the exception rather than the rule.

This is a staggering result that begs the question, why do digital implementations fail to deliver their full and sustained benefits? And more importantly, how can you ensure your next IT implementation is a success?

This guide has been designed to help you get a better understanding of what goes into a successful HR software implementation and what steps you can take to boost your chances of success. It will also provide you with an insight into ELMO’s own implementation process and how we like to work with our clients to help them reach their goals.