What to look for in an IoT solution

What to look for in an IoT solution

Driving efficiencies while improving the bottom line

Internet of Things (IoT) technology is poised as one of the top technologies that will likely have the greatest impact across industries over the next five years. And IoT is now mature, and inexpensive enough, to drive significant business outcomes. Enlisting technology collaborators to implement an IoT ecosystem can make it even easier to get started, gain a competitive advantage and get on your way to reducing operating and energy costs while increasing security.


Read What to look for in an IoT solution to unpack the benefits of this technology, including: 

  • Product tracking and extended customer interaction possibilities 
  • Fostering customer loyalty through more responsive customer service 
  • Remote patient monitoring that can improve health outcomes 
  • Location technology that helps mitigate risks and streamline asset tracking 
  • Better employee experiences that can help reduce turnover


IoT solutions should help you support your staff and organization needs. They should also be easy to use and scalable. PwC can customize an IoT solution for your organization to help you leverage geolocation without beacons, collect data from your remote devices, use biometric data technology while complying with privacy regulations, and more.