Freshservice Service Management Benchmark Report

Freshservice Service Management  Benchmark Report

Organizations are increasingly leveraging technology to meaningfully differentiate and transform employee engagement and experience. In today’s dynamic and digital-first business environment, IT is expected to not just ‘keep the lights on’, but also deliver to business expectations and enable business growth.

As IT leaders lead the digitization effort and embrace the ‘anywhere operations’ model, they have come to rely on service management solutions that are intelligent, foster collaboration, are scalable, make it fast and easy to implement, and delight employees. In addition, the leaders constantly look for ways to show business value, as they are often asked to do more with less. The need to measure the performance of an IT organization using a set of quantifiable and measurable metrics becomes an essential step to achieving aspiration goals.

It is with that mindset, the Freshservice Benchmark Report (FBR) is launched. The objective of the FBR is to create a benchmark index for key performance indicators (KPIs) and encourage organizations to measure their KPIs and benchmark against this index. In doing so, IT leaders can act on what levers to pull to improve agent and employee productivity, show value to the business, and ultimately deliver a delightful experience to employees and customers.