Confronting financial crime with tech-enabled risk assessment

Confronting financial crime with tech-enabled risk assessments

Risk assessment – simplified

Addressing the heightened risks of financial crime in the digital age means businesses should have a robust risk assessment process in place. Coordinating these efforts, especially for global firms, can be daunting and resource-intensive. But the price of insufficient risk assessments is high, including penalties from regulatory agencies, and loss of customers and revenue.

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Going beyond a snapshot in time for insights about staying ahead of regulatory risk, including how:

  • A data-driven, methodological approach can help you be consistent across all business units
  • Establishing a regular, frequent cadence for risk assessments can improve their effectiveness
  • How technology can help improve risk assessment processes

Ready Assess, a PwC product, can conduct end-to-end risk assessments in a visual, interactive, trackable and actionable format. With continually updated metadata, Ready Assess, can help you stay current and compliant with regulatory standards. This customizable platform delivers data-driven insights that can give you a holistic view of your evolving business risk to empower better decision-making across your organization –– and help stay ahead of bad actors.